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Water Proofing Materials from British Paints

British Paints offers you the most advanced waterproofing materials, besides a wide range of decorative, ancillary and industrial products. We offer four types of waterproof coating – Dr.Seal It Britproof LW, Dr.Seal-It Britproof LW Plus, Dr.Seal-It Britcrete URP and Dr.Seal-It Shieldcrete URP.

Applications of Our Waterproof Coating Materials

Our range of water proofing additives can be used in terraces, balconies, toilets, masonry walls, slopping RCC roofs, etc. They are also apt for repairs to RCC members, and for repairing mortar and concrete structures damaged by water seepage.

Advantages of British Paints’ Waterproofing Materials

Our water proofing solutions are the best choice for you as they offer a lot of advantages. Go through the points given below for more details.

  • 100% water proofing: Our waterproofing materials are designed to ensure zero water seepage and leaks.
  • Increases structural integrity: British Paints’ water proof materials act as bonding agents and make concrete and mortars more cohesive. This strengthens the overall structure.
  • Easy to use: Our waterproofing additives are in liquid form, and so can be easily mixed with wet concrete and mortar to form a homogenous substance. Moreover, they do not affect setting time.
  • Cost effective: Our waterproof coating options are all very affordably priced, especially when you consider all the great advantages they offer.