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Cement Putty-Wall Putty

Acrylic Wall Putty / Cement Putty British Paints presents the best acrylic wall putty and cement putty solutions for your home. Both products are ready to use on both interior and exterior walls and are much better alternatives to Plaster of Paris thanks to their superior quality and features. Our Acrylic wall putty and cement putty products are specially formulated and manufactured to offer the best in terms of smoothness, strength and durability.

  • Features

    • Both our acrylic wall putty and cement putty products not only add to the finish but also helps in getting better and higher coverage of the paint. They seal cracks and abnormalities on the surface to give a smooth and bright white coat suitable for over coating with any kind of water or solvent based paints resulting in clean, brilliant walls.
    • They are much better alternative to plaster of Paris. POP is a highly porous and hygroscopic solution that will cause your paint surface to quickly develop patches and lose its sheen and gloss. Our wall putty products, on the other hand, strengthen the paint surface and contain fungicide that prevents fungal growth. They help the walls to last much longer.
    • They don’t require any additional curing after application, making the whole process a lot less hassle-free.

    Read the individual descriptions for both our acrylic wall putty and cement putty solutions to make an informed choice.

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