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Acrylic Wall Putty / Cement Putty

Wall Care with British Paints Wall Putty

Everyone wants smooth wall finishes for their homes. Surprisingly, even new walls do not have even surfaces, a critical requirement for the perfect paint finish. British Paints offers superior quality wall care putty as the best solution. Cement based, this wall putty from the house of British Paints contains the finest quality polymers and minerals, and efficiently seals all cracks, joints and imperfections to give an impeccable base for painting.

Proving to be cost-effective the use of British Paint’s wall putty helps easy application of paints and also keeps true shades of the paint intact. Its use also reduces paint consumption and future repainting frequencies, adding another feather in the hat in terms of economy.

Our wall putty is UV resistant and bonds strongly with the plaster allowing for a smoother finish. Being water resistant, it prevents formation of dampness. Additionally, premier applications are also not required and the paint’s color tone comes out perfectly. We have separate variants namely the Acrylic Wall Putty and the Shield Exterior Wall Putty for interior and exterior walls respectively, to address the needs of each one separately. We also offer help in this regard where our experts can be consulted and resorted to in case of any assistance required.

Read the individual descriptions for both our acrylic wall putty and cement putty solutions to make an informed choice.