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Wood Grain PU Glossy

British Paints Wood Grain PU Glossy is a single pack, polyurethane based wood finish which protects your furniture from scratches, oil stains and day to day wear and tear.

  • Sand surface with Emery Paper No. 180 followed by 320 and wipe clean. Apply wood grain filler using muslin cloth Or putty knife. Remove excess filler and allow drying for 2-3 hours. Filled surface should be sanded with Emery Paper No. 180 followed by 320. Repeat filling operation if necessary.

    Thin Wood Grain PU Glossy by adding 10-15% by volume of British Paints G.P thinner, in case of brushing and 20-25 % by volume in case of spraying.

    For best results, apply 2-3 coats of Wood Grain PU Glossy at an interval of 24 hours. Sand with Emery Paper 320 between coats and wipe clean to remove loose dust particles.

    (The information given herein is in good faith but without warranty. Covering capacity is indicated on the basis of results obtained on a prepared smooth surface).


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