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Wood Grain PU 1K

British Paints Wood Grain PU 1 K Exterior Wood Finish is a single pack Polyurethane modified wood finish which gives a clear smooth finish & not only preserves & protect wood from normal wear & tear but also has good scratch , water & UV resistance . It is good for exteriors & great for interiors.

  • Sand the surface with emery paper no.180 followed by 320 & wipe clean .Apply Wood Grain filler using muslin cloth or putty knife .Remove excess filler & allow drying for 2-3 hours .Filled surface should be sanded with emery paper no. 180 followed by 320. Repeat filling operation if necessary.

    Thin Wood Grain PU 1 K Exterior Wood Finish by adding 10 -15 % by volume of British Paints G.P. Thinner or mineral turpentine oil , in case of brushing & 20-25 % by volume, in case of spraying.

    For best results apply 2-3 coat of Wood Grain PU 1 K Exterior Wood Finish at an interval of 24 hours. Sand with emery paper 320 between coats & wipe clean to remove loose dust particles.

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