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Wood Grain Melamine 2k System

British Paints presents its premium quality wood paints solutions?? Wood Grain Melamine 2k System and Wood Grain PU. They are the perfect for those looking for long lasting wood finishes that protect wooden surfaces from damages from a variety of exterior elements. Made using only the best quality materials and the latest technology, these wood paints solutions are better than any other products.

  • Sand the surface with Emery Paper No. 180 followed by 320 and wipe clean. If desired, for staining, apply Wood Stain and allow it to dry for 30 minutes. Apply two coats of British Paints Melamine Sealer followed by 2 coats of Wood Grain Melamine 2k System Glossy or Matt. Base and Hardner in each case should be mixed in the ration 9:1 by volume. Add 20- 30 % by volume of British Paints G.P Thinner for spraying or Melamine Brushing Thinner for Brushing. Allow maturation period of 30 minutes for the mix and use within 8- 10 hours. Interval between two coats must be 8-10 hours. Sand with emery paper 320 between coats and wipe clean to remove dust particles.

    (The information given herein is in good faith but without warranty. Covering capacity is indicated on the basis of results obtained on a prepared smooth surface).


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