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Sanding Sealer

British Paints Sanding Sealer is a fast drying, high-fill clear sealer which effectively seals & fills pores in wood & enhances aesthetics of wood . It is easy to sand & also strengthens adherence of top coat application.It is suitable for interior wooden surfaces.

  • Surface Preparation ??For pre-polished wood remove all existing coats by sanding or scrapping .For new wood sand surface smooth using emery paper no.180 followed by 320 / 400.Remove loose dust particles grease etc.

    Uneven surfaces , small pits or cracks to be made even by applying a filler coat & allow drying for an hour, thereafter  sand off with emery paper no.180 followed by 320 .

    Application of Sanding Sealer ?? Thin 1 part of British Paints Sanding Sealer with 2 parts of NC Thinner. If application by muslin cloth then apply sealer at least for 8-10 passes for proper finish . In case of spray , apply 2-3 coats. Sand the dried surface with emery paper No. 220. Additional coats may be applied if required . The dry surface is now ready for applying a top coat.


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