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Cement and Texture Paints: Weather Solution for Your Home

Are your homes falling prey to extreme weather conditions? Are you tired of painting your interiors and exteriors again and again? Try our Cement and Texture paints and put the weather at bay.

Cement Paints: Used best for exterior walls, they are favorable for all weather conditions and protect exterior walls from the damaging effects of nature. These paints are fungus and algae resistant making walls appear unaffected for longer spans of time. The benefits of using cement paints are that they prove to be a great waterproofing solution and are easy to apply. Additionally, they can be stored for longer periods of time because they are available in the form of powder and need to be dissolved with water before application. Being highly economical, cement wall paints can be applied once in 2 or 3 years to keep them looking great.

Texture paints: Made with special additives which protect walls against ultra violet rays and alkali. Because of their make, they are flaking, peeling and fading resistant and also do not let algae and fungi develop on the surfaces. Additionally they also help cover minor wall defects like cracks and uneven surfaces due to thick texture and also work as a protective coating in extreme temperatures of cold, rain and heat.

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