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MasterBlaster -Interior Emulsion

British Paints MasterBlaster Interior Emulsion is a super economy water thinnable washable coating for application on interior surface which provides rich smooth finish near to the price of distemper. MasterBlaster outperforms conventional distempers in all respects be it durability, hiding, covering capacity, finish etc

  • Areas of application : Interior plasters, asbestos sheets, brick work and concrete
    Viscosity of supply : 100-116 Krebs units on stormer viscometer at 30°c
    Recommended thinner : 50-75% By volume with water
    Method of application : Brush / Roller
    Covering capacity : 100-120 Sq. feet / ltr in 2 coats(spreading by brushing)
    Drying time : Surface dry 20-30 minutes (@28-30°C & 60±5% R.H.)
    Re-coating period
    : About 4-6 hours.
    Finish : Smooth and matt
    Shades available : As per shade card
    Packs available
    : 20 ltr, 10 ltr, 4 ltr and 1 ltr


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