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Glamour -Premium Acrylic Emulsion

Glamour Premium Acrylic Emulsion is the choice paint for the beautiful interior of a dream home, available in the widest range of mood creating shades. It dries rapidly and is perfectly washable to give the walls a freshly painted look year-after-year. Its characteristic sheen helps in reducing dirt pick-up and gives the walls a rich finish. Based on a highly durable pure acrylic binder, PREMIUM ACRYLIC EMULSION provides long lasting protection to both interior and exteriors. It is characterized by excellent flow, leveling, opacity and smooth finish and has excellent antifungal properties.

  • Areas of application : All types of plasters, hard boards, false ceiling, asbestos sheets & concrete
    Viscosity of supply : 11 To 15 ps by Rotothinner at 30 °C
    Consistency : Thick and Buttery
    Thinner : Municipal / potable water
    Method of application : Brush / Roller
    Spreading capacity : 130-140 Sq feet/ltr/2 coats (depending on the shade and the texture of surface)
    Drying time
    : Surface dry time 5-10 minutes ( 28-30c & 60+_5% R.H.) Recoating period 3-4 hours.
    Finish : Smooth matt with slight sheen
    Shades available : As per shade card
    Packs available
    : 20 ltr, 10 ltr, 4 ltr and 1 ltr


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