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Interior Emulsion Paints

British Paints presents its collection of interior painting solutions for your home. Each one out of the 5 choices is perfect for people who settle for nothing but the best. The interior paints are made up of top quality co-polymers, that give them superior properties and features and make them much better than the rest. They are everything you ever wished for with interior wall paint products and more. Here are some of the advantages you will get with our interior painting products:

  • Ease of Application: Application of our interior painting solutions is a hassle-free matter, thanks to their superior quality.
  • Better Finish: With our interior paints you will get soft, silky and smooth walls that can be washed easily.
  • Brush-Mark Free:Their excellent flow and leveling properties make them not only resistant to water and dirt, but also give them a high-quality finish free of brush-marks and much better area coverage.
  • Superior Durability: Thanks to their durable acrylic binders, your interior wall paint will last much longer and retain their look and feel for a long time to come.
  • Excellent Value for Money:With the properties that our interior wall paint solutions have, it is only natural that they will offer more value for your money than other products available in the market.

You can never go wrong with any one of our interior paints. They will help you make your house your dream home.

  • Sheer Class

    Sheer Class Luxury Interior Emulsion is a classic product for the discerning customer, whose choice...

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  • Satin Max

    Satin Max is a especially formulated paint based on 100% Acrylic Emulsion for a supreme...

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  • Glamour

    Glamour Premium Acrylic Emulsion is the choice paint for the beautiful interior of a dream home,...

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  • British

    British Interior Emulsion is an economic plastic emulsion paint designed for application on interior...

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  • MasterBlaster

    British Paints MasterBlaster Interior Emulsion is a super economy water thinnable washable coating...

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  • Pearl Lustre

    Pearl Lustre is a solvent-based paint specially formulated based on special resins and pigment for...

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  • Sheer Class Metallics

     Sheer Class Metallics is a premium quality water based metallic finish paint which creates...

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  • Splendor

    British Paints Splendor is a water based, 100% Acrylic Interior Wall finish which gives your walls...

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