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Shingar -Exterior Emulsion

Shingar Exterior Emulsion is best suited for application on exterior walls in dry or moderately humid climatic conditions. It is an acrylic co-polymer, emulsion based wall coating for exteriors. Its unique formulation ensures that the product has excellent adhesion to different types of surfaces like cement plasters, asbestos etc. Once the film dries hard, it exhibits excellent resistance to chalking, cracking and weathering. It can be used for interiors also. Shingar Exterior Emulsion has a wide range of non-fading and hence longer lasting shades. It offers good anti- algae properties in dry to moderately humid climatic condition. However, it may not completely prevent the growth of black algae spots in areas with excessive rainfall or coastal belts.

  • Areas of application : Cement Plaster, asbestos Sheet, concrete etc.
    Viscosity of supply : 100-112 Krebs Units on Stormier Viscometer at 30º c.
    Consistency : Smooth and free-flowing.
    Thinner : Municipal / Potable water
    Thinner ratio : 75% by volume with water for each Coat.
    Method of application : Brush / Roller
    Drying Time : Touch Dry in 30 minutes. Recoating period about 4-6 hours Coverage on normal
    Rough cement plaster : 55-65 sq. feet. per litre in two coats.
    Finish : Smooth & matt
    Shades available : As per shade card
    Packs available : 20 ltr, 10 ltr, 4 ltr and 1 ltr,


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