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Expa Cool -Premium Exterior Emulsion

Expa Cool is a 100% acrylic high built exterior paint made to international standards that keeps exteriors looking bright and new for many years. Expa Cool is a high performance architectural coating for all types of construction residential building, offices and commercial complexes. Expa Cool is a 100% pure acrylic emulsion, with tough adhesion and flexibility, its lightfast chemical resisting pigments and other special additives, provides protection against alkali, U.V. degradation, fungal and algae growth.

  • Areas of application : Cement plaster, concrete stone, brick asbestos, cement sheet & all types of building boards.
    Caution : Not recommended on lime wash.
    Viscosity of supply : 10 +/-2 Ps/ Roto thinner / 30oC
    Thinner : Municipal / Potable water
    Thinner ratio : Paint: water 100: 40 by volume for each coat
    Method of application : Brush / Roller
    Primer : Acrylic Exterior Wall Primer or on highly absorbent or chalky surface, apply a coat of Expa 7 thinned with water ( 1: 1 by volume ) as a self priming coat to reduce surface porosity and thereby reducing the degree of absorption of subsequent finish coats.
    Spreading capacity : 60-65 sq. ft./2 coats
    Drying time : Surface dry maximum 1 hrs.(28- 300c & 60+/-5%R.H.) Recoating period minimum 4 hours
    Finish : Smooth & matt
    Shades available : As per shade card
    Packs available : 20 ltr, 10 ltr, 4 ltr and 1 ltr,


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