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Expa 7 -Advanced Exterior Emulsion

Expa 7 is a 100 % acrylic emulsion paint especially formulated for super performance when applied properly on exterior walls due to its unique water resistant properties and resistance properties against fungi, algae, dampness, caused by lashing rain. Presence of light fast chemical resistant pigments/ fillers, tough and flexible emulsion resin binder, special preservatives and other special additives make it an excellent durable coating with retention of color brightness for a long time.

  • Areas of application : Cement plaster, concrete stone, brick asbestos, cement sheet & all types of building boards
    Caution : Not recommended on lime wash.
    Viscosity of supply : 10 +/-2 Ps/ Rotothinner / 30º c
    : Municipal / Potable water
    Thinner ratio : Paint: water 100: 40 by volume for each coat
    Method of application : Brush / Roller
    : Acrylic Exterior Wall Primer or on highly absorbent or chalky surface, apply a coat of Expa 7 thinned with water ( 1: 1 by volume ) as a self priming coat to reduce surface porosity and thereby reducing the degree of absorption of subsequent finish coats.
    Spreading capacity
    : 60-65 sq. ft./2 coats
    Drying time : Surface dry maximum 1 Hrs. (28- 30oC & 60+/-5% R.H.) Recoating period minimum 2-4 Hrs
    Finish : Smooth with sheen (under standard test conditions 60º C GH 7 to 8 )
    Shades available : As per shade card
    Packs available : 20 ltrs 10 ltr, 4 ltrs & 1 ltr


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