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Yak-Synthetic Enamel

QUICK DRYING SYNTHETIC ENAMEL Yak Synthetic Enamel is offered as economical finish paint. It is recommended mainly for interior use and can be easily applied by brush to give a glossy, smooth and hard film. Its superior flow and leveling properties are well known and make it the best choice amongst the economically priced enamels.

  • Areas of application : Metals, Wood, Plaster etc., which are not subjected to outdoor
    Outdoor : exposure
    Viscosity of Supply : 90±10 sec by ford cup b4 at 30°c
    Thinner Recommended : British Synthetic Thinner
    Recommended Application : A) Brushing at supply viscosity. 1 to 2% viscosity thinner can be used during brushing if necessary
    b) SPRAYING 40-45 secs/b4/30°c
    Recommended Primer : FOR METAL SURFACES:
    British Paints Red Oxide Primer/ British Primer Solvent Thinnable White Primer
    FOR WOOD SURFACES: British Paints Supra Wood Primer White Or Wood Primer Pink
    FOR MASONRY SURFACES: British Paints Solvent Thinnable Primer
    Method of Application : Brushing Spraying- at a pressure of 2.75 to 3.5 kgs/cm2 (40-50 P.S.I.)
    Covering Capacity : 10-12 Sq. Meters / ltr per coat(at 15-20 Microns Dry Film Thickness) 8-10 Sq. Meters/ltr For 2 Coats (at 26-30 Microns Dry Film Thickness)
    Drying Time : Surface Dry-Not More than 3 Hrs. (@ 28-30°c & 60±5% R.H.) Hard dry - not more than 18 hrs.
    Finish : Smooth & Glossy
    Flash Point : Above 35°C
    Shade Available : As per Shade Card
    Packs Available : 20 ltrs, 10Ltrs, 4 ltrs, 1 ltr,