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Satin Advanced Enamel

Satin Advanced Enamel is a specially made enamel finish with soft sheen i.e. smoothness of satin, suitable for application on metal, wood and masonry surfaces. It is suitable for both interior and exterior application and gives high quality long lasting tough finish.

  • Areas of application : Metals / Wood / Masonry Surfaces
    Viscosity of supply : 95± 10 Secs / F4 / 30°c
    Thinner Recommended : British Paints Synthetic Thinner
    Recommended Primers : FOR METAL : British Paints Red Oxide Primer/ British Primer Solvent Thinnable White Primer
    FOR WOOD : British Paints Wood Primer White or Pink
    FOR MASONRY : British Paints Solvent Thinnable Primer
    Method of Application : By Brush or Roller. During application viscosity is to be adjusted suitably depending on the nature of surfaces and ambient temperature conditions by recommended thinner.
    Covering Capacity : 160-180 Sq. feet at DFT of 25-30 Micron per Ltr. per coat.
    Spreading by brush on : 10-130 Sq. feet per ltr. for two coat at DFT of 40- 50 M
    smooth metal surfaces
    Drying Time : Surface dry : Max 3 Hrs, (28°-30° C RT &60± 5 R/H)
    Hard dry : within 18 Hrs.
    Finish : Smooth with soft sheen
    Flash Point : Above 35° C (Abel’s closed cup)
    Shades Available : Brown, Black, Mahogany. Also available in White and Base White.
    Packs Available : 20 ltr, 10 ltr, 4 ltr, 1 ltr, 500 ml


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