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Enamel Paints in India

Enamel paints qualify as quick drying paints to leave on a smooth glossy finish. Being oil based these are generally used for application on surfaces like wood and metal, helping extend their longevity and enhance their aesthetics too. There are various types of enamel paints namely:

  • Enamels used on floors surfaces like basements, staircases, patios etc.
  • Enamels that are fast drying, mainly used on industrial product surfaces like refrigerators etc.
  • Enamels that are used on high temperature surfaces like exhausts, brakes, barbeque grills, etc.
  • Enamels used for waterproofing purposes and to save surfaces from rotting like wood.

British Paints offers a wide range of enamel paints in bright colors and smooth finishes. Its products are differentiated based on varied surface and consumer demands. For instance, British Paint’s Glo offers a luxurious finish. It helps keep whether impacts at bay and is best suited for surfaces exposed to whether severity like hoardings, main gate grills, etc. The Satin Enamel paint on the other hand is best suited for wood surfaces and is available in a variety of shades. The 20-20 Synthetic Enamel can be applied on cemented surfaces to enable easy cleaning and increased protection of the surface. However, if enamel paint’s price is a factor of consideration for you then the Yak Synthetic Enamel is the answer. Combined with economy this unique product from the House of British Paint offers superior thick filmed glossy finish to your interior surfaces.

Give your surfaces the perfect finish, an enhanced surface life and protection with our range of Enamel Paints.