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Colors advisable as per Feng Shui

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art based on the concept of the five elements – earth, fire, metal, wood and water, attributes colors to be a very significant contributor to the emotional, physical and spiritual well being of an individual. The ideology behind the art is keeping the balance of nature intact, with the help of these five elements. While they do have other factors that help restore balance like shapes, objects, chakras and seasons; the color aspect stands to be the most powerful.

To understand the use of colors we need to understand the colors themselves and their strengths, in the context of this art.

  • While Black imbibes water energy, aid concentration, meditation, contemplation, support inner strength and facilitate creativity; Blue embodies calmness, coolness and privacy.
  • The energy that aids growth, motivation, action and decision making can be found through the color Green.
  • The color of blood – Red, depicts fire, life, passion, love and activity, relieving depression and elevating adrenaline rushes.
  • Gold or Yellow essentially emanates earthy energy, inducing stability, concentration, sense of nurturing and calmness. It nurtures hope and brings cheer.
  • Metallic colors like White and its variants personify focus, purity, carefulness and help soothe minds.

Certain color combinations also project benefits, balancing and restoring space energies. The most common have been discussed hereunder.

  • Combination of Orange with Red or Yellow helps balance the fire and earth elements bringing about harmony within spaces. Referred to as Salmon, this combination encourages attention, abundance and conversation.
  • A Blue and Green combination or Turquoise to be more specific, imbibes in it, the qualities of the elements water and wood. Bringing in the qualities of both the colors they enhance growth and progress.
  • The duo of Purple and Blue (Lavender) represent spirituality, calmness, peace and contemplation. Minimizing high activity, soothing down a stressful situation or creating a spiritual ambiance can be best done with this color combination.

While Feng Shui recommends colors based on balancing the environment with the Five Elements, there are various schools of thought within them, which may vary in thoughts and conceptions, with respect to the use of colors. However the variations are mild, with basic color concepts being the same.

For a Feng Shui home that exudes comfort, coziness, harmony and prosperity, the above colors and color combinations guide can be of great help. Note that shades that vary in terms of a few shades higher or lower than those stated here, can be considered. However exercise caution in variations!