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Sheer Class – Luxury Interior Emulsion

Sheer Class Luxury Interior Emulsion is a classic product for the discerning customer, whose choice is always to have the very best. Sheer Class is made up of top quality acrylic co-polymers, which not just gives it a superior finish and excellent coverage, but a soft silky sheen, giving your interior walls a truly regal finish. Its excellent flow and leveling properties gives it a near brush-mark free finish, which is washable and keeps your walls looking fresh and new for many years.

Primer Name : Water Thinnable Interior primer

Satin Max – Rich Interior Emulsion

Satin Max is a especially formulated paint based on 100% Acrylic Emulsion for a supreme performance.The unique feature of this paint is that the paint film can be cleaned as and when it gets stained. It provides a durable, tough and flexible smooth finish, which can be cleaned by water, mild soap solution or mineral turpentine oil (incase of oil based stain) giving it a very "high washability" property.

Primer Name : Water Thinnable Interior primer

Glamour – Premium Acrylic Emulsion

Glamour Premium Acrylic Emulsion is the choice paint for the beautiful interior of a dream home, available in the widest range of mood creating shades. It dries rapidly and is perfectly washable to give the walls a freshly painted look year-after-year. Its characteristic sheen helps in reducing dirt pick-up and gives the walls a rich finish. Based on a highly durable pure acrylic binder, PREMIUM ACRYLIC EMULSION provides long lasting protection to both interior and exteriors. It is characterized by excellent flow, leveling, opacity and smooth finish and has excellent antifungal properties.

Primer Name : Water Thinnable Interior primer

British – Interior Emulsion

British Interior Emulsion is an economic plastic emulsion paint designed for application on interior walls. It is formulated from a time tested co-polymer emulsion binder. British Interior Emulsion offers excellent smoothness and elegance to your interior walls, giving it a rich look. It has good water and alkali resistance properties, which makes the paint longer lasting.

Primer Name : Water Thinnable Interior primer

MasterBlaster – Interior Emulsion

British Paints MasterBlaster Interior Emulsion is a super economy water thinnable washable coating for application on interior surface which provides rich smooth finish near to the price of distemper. MasterBlaster outperforms conventional distempers in all respects be it durability, hiding, covering capacity, finish etc

Primer Name : Water Thinnable Interior primer

Expa Max – Advanced Exterior Emulsion

Expa Max is a 100 % acrylic emulsion paint especially formulated for super performance when applied properly on exterior walls due to its unique water resistant properties and resistance properties against fungi, algae, dampness, caused by lashing rain. Presence of light fast chemical resistant pigments/ fillers, tough and flexible emulsion resin binder, special preservatives and other special additives make it an excellent durable coating with retention of color brightness for a long time.

Primer Name : Water thinnable exterior primer

Expa Cool – Premium Exterior Emulsion

Expa Cool is a 100% acrylic high built exterior paint made to international standards that keeps exteriors looking bright and new for many years. Expa Cool is a high performance architectural coating for all types of construction residential building, offices and commercial complexes. Expa Cool is a 100% pure acrylic emulsion, with tough adhesion and flexibility, its lightfast chemical resisting pigments and other special additives, provides protection against alkali, U.V. degradation, fungal and algae growth.

Primer Name : Water thinnable exterior primer

Shingar Max – Superior Exterior Emulsion

Shingar Max is a water based 100 % Acrylic Exterior wall finish which is suitable for dry or moderately humid climatic conditions.

Primer Name : Water Thinnable Interior primer

Shingar – Exterior Emulsion

Shingar Exterior Emulsion is best suited for application on exterior walls in dry or moderately humid climatic conditions. It is an acrylic co-polymer, emulsion based wall coating for exteriors. Its unique formulation ensures that the product has excellent adhesion to different types of surfaces like cement plasters, asbestos etc. Once the film dries hard, it exhibits excellent resistance to chalking, cracking and weathering. It can be used for interiors also. Shingar Exterior Emulsion has a wide range of non-fading and hence longer lasting shades. It offers good anti- algae properties in dry to moderately humid climatic condition. However, it may not completely prevent the growth of black algae spots in areas with excessive rainfall or coastal belts.

Primer Name : Water thinnable exterior primer

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