What Are the Different Finishes of Interior Paint?

You have decided on the paint color, the hues with which to splash each of your room walls, the right design and now it is time to contemplate on the type of finish you would wish to lend the rooms with. Paint finishes come in a number of types and are of utmost importance in providing your room walls with just the perfect touch and sheen to brighten up the effect of paint by either absorbing or reflecting color. Here are some of the popular varieties of finishes of interior paint that you can lend your home with.

Interior Paints

Flat Finish: Flat finish encompass latex-based finishes which do not reflect any light, nor emit any shine, thereby acting as excellent barriers to veil blemishes and bump holes. They are often referred to as “matte” finish although, many companies choose to separate the two, lending matte finishes more shine than flat ones but lesser sheen than satin finishes. Flat finishes can be maintained without much hassle but are not washable for which they are best applied to areas which are not exposed to human touch and traffic.

Satin Finish: Satin finishes are obtained in both latex and solvent-based pigments and lend the surfaces with a soft shine and a velvety appearance and are mostly used in high-traffic areas such as kitchens, children play rooms, bathrooms and the likes. They are easy to clean and reflect considerable amount of light and can either be applied through a single or double coat as required.

Eggshell Finishes: Eggshell finishes are most suitable for wooden surfaces as they lend slightly greater shine than the flat or matte and lesser than Satin finishes. This type of finishes too reflect less amount of light and are mostly applied in areas which see a moderate traffic like the living rooms but not as much as kitchens and children rooms. Eggshell finishes generally require twp coats for obtaining the right consistency.

Semi-gloss and Gloss Finishes: If you wish to touch up your cabinets and doors, the best type of finish to opt for is the semi-gloss and glossy finishes which can lend them with subtle gleam and shine without appearing too ostentatious. However, the surface needs to be treated properly by mending any holes or marks as they tend to get highlighted with the semi-gloss finish.

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