Secure Your Exteriors with Waterproof Solutions

It’s that time of the year when rains have finally hit the entire country with their rejuvenating spells and the exterior walls of our homes are vulnerable to flaking coats, dampness, crystalline and algae formations. Maintaining the looks of our home during the rainy season can be a really tough task if we aren’t well geared with the right paraphernalia.

There can’t be anything more embarrassing than experiencing a wall that seeps water when you have an old friend coming to visit your place after a long time. Keeping your worries and anxieties in mind, British Paints brings to you an exquisite range of waterproof exterior emulsions that would keep your exterior walls in top condition even if rains never take a break! Try out our latest waterproof solutions now for exterior coating of your homes and forget repainting them for years!

1. Britproof LW:

Do your home walls turn damp whenever it rains? Well here’s the perfect product for you then! This is primarily an integral liquid waterproofing admixture which consists of concrete along with cement mortar. Its plasticizing properties are exemplary and would help to keep concrete well integrated. It can be added within wet concrete or mortar to achieve the desired effect. Use it now to your exteriors to make them waterproof and water resistant against upcoming rain spells.

2. Britproof LW Plus:

This offering from British Paints offers a more exemplary experience than the regular Britproof LW series of waterproofing emulsions. Endowed with exceptional plasticizing properties, this product will waterproof your walls for years. It contains elements that are bound to last longer and wouldn’t let your walls get dampened and flaky even if it keeps raining whole year round.

3. Shieldcrete URP:

It’s primarily an active coating system which contains modified elements of acrylic emulsions and cement. A great way to waterproof your exteriors, this can be used along with paints to enhance longevity. Buy it now and shield your walls against the heaviest of rains!

4. Britcrete URP:

This white liquid can be effectively used as an additive for concrete & mortars in repair and for waterproofing applications. It’s an excellent way to protect rebars and cementitious substrates and will definitely reinforce walls with anti-damping agents during the moist season. Purchase it now and forget about seeping walls forever!

5. Crack Fix Paste:

Have your home walls fallen into rupture due to extensive rains over the past few days? Get hold of our crack fix paste and fill in the cracks on plastered surfaces with this flexible putty. This water based adhesive will easily seal your cracked walls and protect them against damage caused due to rains and dampened walls.

So get hold of this essential paraphernalia for your walls now and say goodbye to all your problems caused by rains with a sigh of relief!

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