Painting Plastered Walls – Tips and Tricks

Whether old or new, plastered walls require more care and meticulous preparation before attempting to paint. Short-cuts are a strict no-no when painting plastered walls which may lead to serious damages on your wall paint that might be difficult to rectify later. So before you put your paintbrush on the wall, here are some tips to accomplish a painting job that is durable and which lends your room with the perfect finish on culmination.

Preparation: The first step to paint an old plastered wall is to detect the cracks, blemishes and damaged areas on the walls and scour out the flaky plasters by using a scraper. Apply a primer prior to patching up the areas with plaster patching material and let the compound to get dried completely. Once it is dried use a sanding-block to sand the area finely and repeat the process of patching, finally removing the fine sand dusts with a clean cloth. If you are applying a new plaster, the secret is to allow it to dry completely since applying paint before drying will mean hindering the plaster to breathe in through the paint that in turn can lead to harmful mold growth. Post drying, apply a coat of primer to avoid the moisture from the paint to be inhaled in, leaving behind a dry painted surface.

Painting Plastered Walls

Painting: The primer too needs to be dried properly and the brush and the bucket cleansed off any primer element by using paint thinner or denatured alcohol. It is also important to go for a primer which is oil-based. Take an angled paintbrush and use it to draw along the borders of the wall you wish to paint and then target at painting the interiors of the just-drawn perimeter with a roller brush dipping it into the paint bucket and applying a coat smoothly. It is important to apply a second coat but, once more the trick is to give the first coat sufficient time to dry following the particular pain’s manufacturer’s instructions before proceeding to the next step.

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