What Are the Different Finishes of Interior Paint?

You have decided on the paint color, the hues with which to splash each of your room walls, the right design and now it is time to contemplate on the type of finish you would wish to lend the rooms with. Paint finishes come in a number of types and are of utmost importance in providing your room walls with … Read More

Ultimate Protection for Exterior Walls

When selecting the best exterior house paint for your home, one should keep following basic attributes in mind:- Durability and overall performance Resistance to mold and mildew Resistance to ultraviolet radiation Available in colors that resist fading Environmentally friendly In order to protect exterior surfaces from extremities of Indian weather & to have multi attributes – British Paints has recently … Read More

Painting Plastered Walls – Tips and Tricks

Whether old or new, plastered walls require more care and meticulous preparation before attempting to paint. Short-cuts are a strict no-no when painting plastered walls which may lead to serious damages on your wall paint that might be difficult to rectify later. So before you put your paintbrush on the wall, here are some tips to accomplish a painting job … Read More

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