Home Interior: Beautiful Texture and Designs For Your Living Room Walls

Gone are the days when people preferred a plain monotone shade on their walls at home. The popularity of texture paint goes on to validate the fact that a little bit of drama and character is in vogue and more and more people are gravitating towards the idea of dressing up the walls.

Taking a cue from this trend, most leading paint manufacturers have incorporated a number of texture paint options in their product range and the idea is to help people unleash their creativity to come up with fabulous feature walls.

While the concept of having a feature wall in ones’ home is enticing enough, sometimes the lack of inspiration can be downer. That being said, here are a few visual ideas of textured walls to get the creative juices flowing:
1Take a look at this lovely cloud effect. This marble like finish with two colors lends a beautiful tone to the walls that can be further accentuated by placing the right accessories around it.
2Then there is this sand like finish that can be achieved in a number of colors depending upon the rest of the décor in the room. This beautiful effect can add a rugged charm to any kind of living room.
3Another option is the dry brush kind of finish. This can be done either in horizontal or vertical lines or even as random brush strokes depending upon the kind of look that is required.

Texture paint is extremely versatile and it really depends on the individual on how far they want to go with it. The considerations are both financial and style but a fine balance can be achieved with some smart thinking. After that, it’s time to enjoy all the compliments.

Want great looking living room walls? Go for textured paint and achieve the best possible look today!

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