Faux Finishing Techniques For Concrete Walls

Designing and creating walls with faux finishing techniques can provide a number of options to make a plain wall look more appealing and attractive. It helps to add another dimension to the wall and adds a sense of character to an otherwise insipid space.

In most cases a lot of painting companies have come up with cement wall paint that can be used in creative ways to achieve these faux finishes. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

Color Washing Technique:
Color washing gives the wall a washed out effect as shown in the picture.

Color washing

For this a base paint is first applied and then using a glaze mixture with the help of a brush / rag or a sponge to attain this effect.

Dry Brushing:
Dry brushing lends a more dramatic effect to the walls.

Dry Brushing

For this a base coat is applied that needs to be completely dry before any brushing is done. Once dry, using a brush strokes at forty-five degree angle, this dry brushing effect is created.

Geometric Reflections:
Total class can be achieved with depth using these geometrical reflections.

Geometric Reflections

This finish can be used to highlight the depth of the color and also the reflection of the light. A little more work than the other finishes, this look can really turn heads though.

When it comes to using cement wall paint to create faux finishes for concrete walls, there are a lot of options that can be explored. The idea is to know how much work one wants to put in and what is the look they have in mind.

Then it’s just a matter of making the right choice.

Want a great looking attractive wall in your home? Choose a faux finish and get to work today itself.

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