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5 Interior Spaces For A Muted Pallette

With contemporary becoming more and more the trend in the designer design world, softer color palettes and lighter shades too have come into vogue. While the color scheme in a home is predominantly dictated by personal style and tastes, choosing lighter colors can to a certain extent can also have its merits. For one, muted or lighter shades give the … Read More

Home Interior: Beautiful Texture and Designs For Your Living Room Walls

Gone are the days when people preferred a plain monotone shade on their walls at home. The popularity of texture paint goes on to validate the fact that a little bit of drama and character is in vogue and more and more people are gravitating towards the idea of dressing up the walls. Taking a cue from this trend, most … Read More

How to Create a Wash With Acrylic Paint

Wash painting comprises the flawless technique of painting whereby the paint brushes are dipped in small quantities of paint and soaked considerably in water and applied on primed walls to accomplish a semi-transparent and smooth finish. It is often used in combination with regular painting or drawing to achieve linear painting results. If you are contemplating on lending the walls … Read More

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