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Secure Your Exteriors with Waterproof Solutions

It’s that time of the year when rains have finally hit the entire country with their rejuvenating spells and the exterior walls of our homes are vulnerable to flaking coats, dampness, crystalline and algae formations. Maintaining the looks of our home during the rainy season can be a really tough task if we aren’t well geared with the right paraphernalia. … Read More

Expa 7 Products: The Epitome of Cooler Surroundings

The relentless hot summers are finally here! And with it have arrived its torpid effects. The blazing sun with all its overwhelming power expresses no mercy in heating up the walls, which fail to cool down even till late nights. The next day, the sun is again there to make our living space a hot furnace. With temperatures touching an … Read More

Ultimate Protection for Exterior Walls

When selecting the best exterior house paint for your home, one should keep following basic attributes in mind:- Durability and overall performance Resistance to mold and mildew Resistance to ultraviolet radiation Available in colors that resist fading Environmentally friendly In order to protect exterior surfaces from extremities of Indian weather & to have multi attributes – British Paints has recently … Read More

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