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Faux Finishing Techniques For Concrete Walls

Designing and creating walls with faux finishing techniques can provide a number of options to make a plain wall look more appealing and attractive. It helps to add another dimension to the wall and adds a sense of character to an otherwise insipid space. In most cases a lot of painting companies have come up with cement wall paint that … Read More

How to Create a Wash With Acrylic Paint

Wash painting comprises the flawless technique of painting whereby the paint brushes are dipped in small quantities of paint and soaked considerably in water and applied on primed walls to accomplish a semi-transparent and smooth finish. It is often used in combination with regular painting or drawing to achieve linear painting results. If you are contemplating on lending the walls … Read More

Painting Plastered Walls – Tips and Tricks

Whether old or new, plastered walls require more care and meticulous preparation before attempting to paint. Short-cuts are a strict no-no when painting plastered walls which may lead to serious damages on your wall paint that might be difficult to rectify later. So before you put your paintbrush on the wall, here are some tips to accomplish a painting job … Read More