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Dr. Seal – It TerraceMaster

Rain provides relief from scorching heat and brings pleasant weather. But it add to woes to those houses which are not ready to handle the vagaries of weather. Always make sure that you don’t worry about the problems when the rain hits your home. Check your terrace floors to see if there is any leakage and fix it before the … Read More

What Industrial Coatings Can Do for Your Business?

Industrial coatings are used across various businesses such as manufacturing, shipping and supply chain industries to meet their critical coating needs. Basically these are well researched and innovative products that deliver high-performance protection as well as aesthetic coats for several types of business; some businesses that include automotive parts, construction equipment, appliances, agricultural machines, consumer electronics, residential and commercial constructions, … Read More

Why Can’t Interior Paints be Used on The Exterior?

Interior paints can be used on external surfaces but this is not recommended by paint companies. This is because the chemical composition of interior paints is not formulated to sustain all the harsh weather changes and external elements like dust, fungus, pollution, smoke, heat, chill, rain etc. So with in a very short time, the paint might start deteriorating and … Read More

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