5 Interior Spaces For A Muted Pallette

With contemporary becoming more and more the trend in the designer design world, softer color palettes and lighter shades too have come into vogue. While the color scheme in a home is predominantly dictated by personal style and tastes, choosing lighter colors can to a certain extent can also have its merits.

For one, muted or lighter shades give the illusion of space and can make a smaller room appear much larger. In addition to this, lighter colors have the capacity to go with almost any kind of upholstery and furniture and that broadens the horizon when it comes to color matching.

Talking about the areas where a muted palette can be used in a home- the answer really is- anywhere. Whether it’s the living room or the kitchen, a light color theme can be part of any room and make it look really good.
1Take for example the trendy kitchen with a mute color theme as shown in the picture. With the right kind of shades and matching appliances thrown in, this light color kitchen looks open and airy.
2And then there is the living room in the picture above that again has been styled using muted shades. A classic look that attracts attention as well as compliments is the result.

While a lot of people believe that lighter shades look boring, it is not necessarily true. When used correctly and with the right accessories they can really bring out the warmth and charm in a room.

Apart from the Kitchen and the living room, some other areas where a light palette can be used include:
-The bathroom
-The Bedroom
-The entranceway.

Choosing the right interior paints in the first go is extremely crucial in order to achieve the desired result. For this, it is also important to have clarity on what one wants. After that, a beautiful home is yours to enjoy.

Thinking of a muted color in your home? Pick the shades today and start on your project as soon as possible!

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